Boles d'Olor

Padma Mist Diffuser- Champagne

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Boles d'Olor Padma Mist Diffuser Champagne - Electric aroma diffuser for immediate diffusion of essential oils with high quality cold technology. 

Fill the water tank up to the mark with water, add a maximum of 6 drops of fragrance oil and replace the lid. Check that the diffuser and cable are clean and dry.

Connect the diffuser to the power with the converter (plug).

Press the 'mist' button and the device turns on. If you also want to turn on the lighting, press the 'light' button.

Ultrasonic fogger that produces very light microparticles. The fogging force can be adjusted to two different powers. With auto power off function. The transparent lid provides a very pleasant light sequence; it can also be fixed in any shade and function as a point of light or lamp, even if the fogging function is not used.

It creates a cloud of tiny drops of water saturated with essential oils, so light that, although invisible, they melt through the air covering large spaces with an intense aroma.

Capacity: 300 ml.

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