Yankee Candle

Festive 6 Filled Votive Gift Set

€17,95 €26,95

Yankee Candle 6 Filled Votive Gift Set. Fragrances include those from the 2022 Christmas Collection and the Yankee Candle Signature Collection.

x1 Snowflake Kisses Filled Glass Votive

x1 Snow Globe Wonderland Filled Glass Votive

x1 Peppermint Pinwheels Filled Glass Votive

x1 White Spruce and Grapefruit Filled Glass Votive

x1 Silver Sage and Pine Filled Glass Votive

x1 Smoked Vanilla and Cashmere Filled Glass Votive

Each gift is packaged in a rectangular decorative snow globe wonderland themed design giftbox. Intricate illustrations of festive botanicals, icicles and layered snowflakes create a magical feel for the perfect gift.

The paperboard has been sourced from responsibly managed forests. Help Yankee Candle® give this magical packaging, a second life by recycling correctly