Portable Negative Ion Humidfier - Black


New - Negative Ion humidfier with USB socket. Ideal for cleaning and hydrating the air. Perfect for the car. This is a hydator and not suitable for fragrance oils. - Black

Most homes and offices erected in the past 20 years or so are built air tight and therefore the air can be dry - even in winter.

Made with premium ABS metallic effect plastic.

A Humidifier/Hydrator provides cool mist to hydrate the air and the negative ions emitted eliminate static electricity and dust in air, thus ideal for people with respiratory issues.

This is a cool water humidifier and is NOT suitable for adding fragrance or essential oils

Plugs into any USB socket.

Ideal for hydrating the atmosphere especially in dry conditions.

Auto Shut-off: Humidifier will automatically shut off while waterless.

Easily switch mist modes and LED colours. Continuous spray & intermittent spray. Light gradual & light fixed.