Portable Negative Ion Humidfier - Champagne


New - Negative Ion humidfier with USB socket. Ideal for cleaning and hydrating the air. Perfect for the car. This is a hydator and not suitable for fragrance oils. - Champagne

Made from premium ABS Metallic finish plastics

Most homes and offices erected in the past 20 years or so are built air tight and therefore the air can be dry - even in winter.

A Humidifier/Hydrator provides cool mist to hydrate the air and the negative ions emitted eliminate static electricity and dust in air, thus ideal for people with respiratory issues.

This is a cool water humidifier and is NOT suitable for adding fragrance or essential oils

Plugs into any USB socket.

Ideal for hydrating the atmosphere especially in dry conditions.

Auto Shut-off: Humidifier will automatically shut off while waterless.

Easily switch mist modes and LED colours. Continuous spray & intermittent spray. Light gradual & light fixed.