Yankee Candle

Scenterpiece Warmer - Langham (EU two pin plug with timer)

€29,95 €37,95

 A modern classic and endlessly versatile, the fractal ceramic adds some dimension and reflects the prism of light. Only for use with Scenterpiece meltcups. EU Plug

EU 2-Pin Plug

About Scenterpiece™ Easy MeltCup Warmers

Available in a range of modern designs to enhance any home décor style, Yankee Candle’s Scenterpiece™ MeltCup Warmers feature a flameless heater that quickly melts the wax. A recessed heating dish provides a clean look and a six foot power cord allows flexible placement throughout the home. Our favourite feature is the adjustable auto-shutoff timer - set it for 3, 6 or 9 hours and go about your day without ever having to remember to turn it off.