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Home Inspiration Spring Gift Set - Wax Melt Warmer + 6 melt block

€14,95 €19,95

This Wax Melt Warmer gift set from Yankee Candle Home Inspiration is perfect for gifting with a stylish wax melt burner, complete with wax melts that will fill their home with the iconic Yankee Candle Home Inspiration scent of Cherry Vanilla.

1x Cherry Vanilla Wax Melt Block (equiv to 6 melts)
1x Unscented Tea Light Candle
1x Grey "Egg" Melt Warmer

Each gift is packaged in a bright and colourful giftbox. 

The paperboard has been sourced from responsibly managed forests. Help Yankee Candle® give this magical packaging, a second life by recycling correctly