How To Use Fragrance Lamps - Ashleigh & Burwood

How to use fragrance lamps

Ashleigh and Burwood Fragrance Lamps

Catalytic fragrance lamps like these Ashleigh and Burwood lamps refresh and purify the air in your home while spreading subtle fragrances.


They cover three aspects that improve the quality of life and the environment of your home:

Decorate your home: The lamps are decorative by themselves, decorate and beautify elegantly. Worked with high coloured glass mosaics and decorative crowns, they are attractive in their design and elegance.

Improves air quality: destroys bad odours through catalytic combustion. Originally they were used in French hospitals to kill airborne bacteria and then in the 1960’s, fragrance oil was added to create a home fragrance product.

Ashleigh and Burwood lamps do not cover or hide bad odours, but eliminate them by destroying them through the catalytic oxidation process. This process is extremely effective in the elimination of unpleasant odours and airborne bacteria, as well as to rid the room of cigarette smoke or cooking smells.

Perfume the environment: Effectively and lastingly, twenty minutes of use is enough to perfume a room of up to twenty square meters for up to 4 hours. 


How to use Ashleigh and Burwood catalytic lamps

Here’s how to use Fragrance Lamps in  7  simple steps:

1 - Remove the cap from the Fragrance Lamp. 
2 - Fill the lamp with the lamp fragrance to about 2/3rds full. 
3 - Put the wick and let the wick soak up the lamp fragrance for about 30 minutes with the cap on. This is just needed for the first use. 
4 - Remove the cap and light the wick. Leave the lamp  burning for 2-3 minutes . 
5 – After 2-3 minutes extinguish the flame – this will leave a hot stone that will diffuse the fragrance.. 
6 - Put on the decorative crown on to avoid accidental burning of fingers. The lamp will now give off strong fragrance. (We recommend having the lamp  on for a  maximum of 20- minutes, this will fragrance the room for up to 4 hours.)
7 - After this 20-30 minutes time, remove the decorative crown and place the snuffer cap snugly over the wick to “turn it off”.


We recommend changing it once a year or every 200 uses.

If when you try to light it and you see that the flame is not maintained means that the wick is saturated or blocked.


To correct this, follow the following procedure:

Immerse the stone part of the wick preferably in Neutral fragrance overnight. It is  very important  that this is done in a tightly closed container as otherwise the liquid will evaporate.

Then repeat the initial setup as above



To have a totally new fragrance without residue of a previous fragrance, clean the lamp and then use the Neutral lamp fragrance for a couple of sessions, then once done, fill the lamp with the new fragrance.



If you are going to spend more than two weeks without using the lamp, you should ideally take out the wick.