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Boles d’Olors Pet Remedies Range

Boles d’Olors Pet Remedies Range

Something we can all agree on here at CandleWarehouse.ie is that we all love dogs.

Whether they’re big, small, fluffy, yappers, chasers of tails, stealers of socks or dare we say smelly. They are a companion like no other and we adore them like they are our own children.

Dogs are comedians in their own right, they are the greatest comfort when we are down, they are confidants– we can tell them all our secrets and we can be assured that they’ll never spill the beans. Dogs are kind and compassionate, live in the moment and have the natural ability to teach us to be more human. And most importantly, they are loyal, a dog loves you more than they love themselves.

Despite the undeniable bond between humans and their fur babies, the nuances of dog ownership may not always be that glamourous.

There is poop, more poop, drooly kisses, endless dog hair, chewing, chasing the neighbours beloved cat or planning your day around their toilet habits and of course the plight that almost every dog owner is familiar with – dog smell.

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Are you a Paw-rent to a smelly pupper?

“Pee-Yewh – What’s that smell!?” is probably the last thing you want to come out of a guest when they enter your home. And its definitely not pleasant for your doggo either. Humans have about 5 million olfactory receptor cells - a dog has up to 300 million. And it’s not just the number of cells, it is the intensity of packing of the cells that gives an even greater detection ability. So if you think your dog smells bad, imagine how your dog feels?

In the game of odour elimination, covering or masking the smell won’t cut it. It’s important to get right down to the source, the MVP – your dog. Treat them to some pampering. Keep their bedding and blankets clean. Introduce a nice pet-friendly aroma to your home.

Importance of Smell

Smell is one of our most important senses. Unpleasant and bad smells actually send pain signals to the brain to warn us of possible danger. Our nose and sense of smell is one of those things – we don’t actually smell with our nose; we smell with our brain?

The nose is purely the “gatekeeper” to the brains smell receptors and a good nose is like a good gatekeeper that prevents the undesirables entering an area. Our sense of smell is the old man to the five senses in that it is fully formed and functioning even before we are born. It is also something that stays and it is the last of the senses to leave when we pass away. There are many positives to how our brains perceive a scent - It cheers us up, stimulates our imagination and shapes our thoughts and behaviours such as when a scent triggers our happy memories.


Boles d’Olor Pet Remedies

Introducing the Boles d’Olor Pet Remedies Range of Room Sprays and Mist oils with the proven ability to zap and remove odours – not only those of smelly pets, but strong food smells, tobacco, sweat and even that smelly training gear.

The Scientific Explanation

The human sense of smell is formed from approximately 400 different receptors, and each one of them just receives one type or group of fragrance molecules. With the information of each receptor, the brain is able to generate a well-defined impression of each aroma.

This impression can be evaluated as positive (fragrance) or negative (odour) base on accepted definitions. Odours contain a large variety of fragrance molecules. These molecules can be classified by its chemical composition and be assigned to a special area of the human sense of smell where it is produced the perception of the odours.

The Boles d’Olor Pet Remedies Range behaves following two fundamental principles:

Neutrarome and Fixodor.

  • Neutrarome:

Specific chemical components built almost like the odour molecules.

In those homes where they have Pets, these ingredients differ very little from those causing odours, in the number of atoms or the chemic structure, so they are perceived by the same olfactory receptors.

It has been determined which ones are the molecules that cause odours:



By formulating our fragrances with some similar compounds in chemical composition, but perceiving a good fragrance, we avoid perceiving odours. In this way, the perception of an odour becomes a pleasant fragrance

  • Fixodor:

A new patented ingredient derived from Castor oil, it has the capacity to complex these odor molecules, in its gas phase, absorbing them and not letting them free in the atmosphere, so they disappear.

To these two methods Boles d’Olor has added the fantastic Boles d’olor aromas, that will ensure that your home’s atmosphere will become in a fast and efficient way better, cleaner and healthier.


We have tried and tested the new Boles d’Olors new Pet Remedies range ourselves and you can be safe assured that the dreaded “Pee-Yewh!” will be transformed into happy faces and wagging tails and that’s just the dogs!

Shop the new Pet Remedies Range here and choose from the beautiful fragrance list below.


Clean Air:

The fantastic aroma of cotton and linen just washed. Evokes nature, freshness and clean.

Sea Breeze:

Floral and clean. Covers up odors. Smells like lime, sage, white lilies with a powerful musk background

Fresh Lavender:

A blade of air from the Provence soft hills. It smells like lavender, thyme, cypress and ripe lemons.


The marvelous just washed clothes aroma and hanged under the sun with the fresh breeze of spring. Pure cleaning!


Expansive and powerful. Strawberry leaves, wild blackberries, gooseberries and raspberry. Fresh, sweet and tenacious.

Morning Dew:

The fresh and aqueous aroma of the morning dew. Pure freshness!