Ashleigh & Burwood

Ashleigh and Burwood - Destroys airborne bacteria, airborne viruses (including Coronavirus*) bad odors, tobacco smell and dust mites 

One of the most popular ranges of products here at is the Ashleigh and Burwood catalytic Fragrance Lamps - here you can read information about how they rid the room of airborne bacteria and a little history of the lamp.

* Independent laboratory tests completed in June 2020 show 97% if airborne coronvirus destroyed within 30 minutes 


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About The Catalytic Fragrance Lamp.

The origin of the Fragrance Lamp goes back to 1898 when a French pharmacist created the Catalytic Combustion system to disinfect the air in the hospitals of bacteria. The original models were made of crystal or glass and operated with the same method of purification that is used today: Diffusion by Catalyic Combustion.


The catalytic burner captures and destroys the molecules that carry bacteria and odours. The mixing of air and the movement from convection ensures that odours are destroyed as well as airborne microorganisms. Catalytic Fragrance Lamps actually purify the air before perfuming it.


Catalytic Fragrance Lamps Kill Airborne Bacteria

Does the Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamp really work against airborne 'bugs'?

Yes it does. The basis of the Lamp Fragrance, and the important fuel which keeps the catalytic process working, is an alcohol called isopropyl alcohol. A very common alcohol, it is the same form of alcohol which is commonly used in hospital anti-bacterial hand washes and sanitiser for example. The other ingredients are distilled water, and the fragrance compound itself.

Independent tests conducted for Ashleigh & Burwood give the following results for the destruction of common household microorganisms after testing in laboratory conditions.

Allergens - the Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamp is effective against allergens including bacteria, mould spores and dust mites, with the following clinically proven results after 30 minutes of exposure to the fragrance lamp emissions:

E.coli - 99% destroyed after 30 minutes
S. aureus - 99% destroyed after 30 minutes
E. aerogenes - 99% destroyed after 30 minutes


Dust Mites:
D. farinae - 99% destroyed after 30 minutes.


Mould Spores:
S. chartarum - 96% destroyed after 30 minutes.


Tobacco Smoke:
99.9% removal of tobacco smoke particles after 30 minutes.


Unpleasant Odours - the Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamp is effective at common household odours such as those from dogs, cats and food spoilage.

Dog: 33% reduction in odour after 3 hours of exposure.
Cat: 56% reduction in odour after 3 hours of exposure.
Food spoilage odours: 68% reduction in odour after 3 hours of exposure.


The Lamp itself -

  • The Crown covers the hot stone to prevent accidental contact. Various designs are available.
  • The Snuffer-cap covers the catalytic stone. This prevents Fragrance from evaporating when the lamp is not in use. It is also used to cover the hot stone(to turn the Lamp "off").
  • The Retainer is a small metal clip that holds the stone, collar and wick together. You should never remove this clip.
  • The Stone is a special porous ceramic material coated in platinum and other rare metals. This is where the Lamp does its work.
  • The Collar supports the stone and secures the wick in place.
  • The Wick carries Fragrance from the body to the stone.
  • The Assembly is a group name for the wick, collar, stone & retainer.
  • The Neck is a metal crimp attached to the Lamp Body which supports the Assembly.
  • The Body is the main part of the Lamp that holds the Fragrance.