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Why We Love The New Signature Collection

Why We Love The New Signature Collection

Why we LOVE the New Yankee Candle Signature Collection Fragrances.

Candles bring so much happiness for me, warmth & comfort. Every day whether it's working at my desk, in the car or relaxing with my family watching a movie, I am accompanied by fragrance from candles, wax melts to reed diffusers in the hall way or a car jar in my car, I am obsessed!

 I love home fragrance because it can instantly transform a room - from a cozy, inviting atmosphere to a vibrant and energized one. It can evoke a range of emotions and memories, from the soft florals of a spring day to the sweet, smoky aroma of a campfire.

Home fragrance can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your home, and it can be a great way to make a space feel more inviting and relaxing. In addition, home fragrance can also be used to mask odors and perfect for freshening up an area. Overall, fragrance can really set the tone and create a more pleasant atmosphere in your living space promoting wellness.


We recently introduced the new Yankee Candle Signature Collection to CandleWarehouse.ie & I want to share with you my favourite fragrances and why the new jar and tumbler styles have won me over!


The Soy-Wax Blend of the new Yankee Candle Signature Collection has a beautiful burn. I'm so impressed how it burns so clean, even and there is no tunneling.

The new additon of the two cotton wicks on both jars and tumblers is a win! Cotton wicks are better because they burn slower an more evenly than other materials. This results in a cleaner more consistent burn. Cotton wicks also are less likely to produce soot and smoke, making thm a great choice for people who suffer from allergies and respiratory issues.


As an avid Classic Yankee Candle fan I was apprehensive about shifting from the Classic version at first. I was clinging onto the memories of receiving my very first Yankee Candle gift which was a Winter Wonderland Large Classic Jar about 15 years ago with the old logo and illustrations. However, when I first laid my eyes on the new elegant jar design in person I was instantly won over .

New clearer high quality glass and shape, the hand drawn illustrations. When it came to the Classic and New side by side, Signature won. If you are aiming for a luxury feel, high quality, beautifully fragranced and sophisticated candle for your home, this collection is for you.


I highly recommend trying these following fragrances or if you would rather test the wax melts before you by, our 21 Signature Fragrances Wax Melt Tester Bundle is for you. It contains EVERY SINGLE new fragrance at a very attractive price of just €34.95  (€1.66 each).

As many of these fragrances are new, we would LOVE to hear your feedback and reviews.

You can now leave product ratings and reviews on our website as not only does it help other customers but it enables us to learn what you guys love so we can always provide the best quality products, fragrances and customer service. I also love seeing you guys tag us and Yankee Candle in your photos on instagram and facebook! 

If you have any fragrance questions, questions about the new collection, just send us an email or message.

Enjoy <3