Yankee Candle

Scent Plug - Pattern Starter Kit Clean Cotton (Ireland/UK plug)

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Yankee Candle Scent Plug Organic Pattern Starter Kit Clean Cotton includes a ScentPlug Diffuser Organic with adjustable fragrance settings and a Scent Plug Refills Clean Cotton (1 x 18.5ml) with a fragrance of sun-dried Cotton combined with green notes, White Flowers and a hint of Lemon.

Enjoy authentic true-to-life Yankee Candle fragrance 24/7! Such a convenient way to have room filling, continuous home fragrance in multiple designs and locations. Use only with properly functioning 230-volt electrical outlets. Use only with Yankee Candle® electric home fragrance unit refills.

Each fragrance lasts up to 6 weeks. Once your fragrance has come to an end, simply switch out the fragrance cartridge with a new fragrance refill, available and sold separately in twin packs in a variety of fragrances.