New Website Information

Welcome to our new, upgraded website

We've moved to Shopify, the world's largest shopping platform. 

Here's some information on the new platform that will answer any questions you have -


As it is a totally different platform and as we obviously did not have access to your passwords, you will not be able to login with your previous credentials, however your information excluding your login/password has been transferred but if you have not purchased on the new site you will need to create a new account login HERE


Shopify also offers a passwordless login option.

Their new passwordless login uses a combination of Biometric & Two Factor Authentication to access your account. This is similar to many financial apps. This can be done HERE. 

Simply enter your email on the account page and a 6 digit verification code will be sent to your email for your initial login.

Another way is simply to enter your email address or phone number at the checkout page or if you have used ShopPay on another website, you can simply use your ShopPay logon. The Shopify system will then locate your details and send a code for you to verify. The cookies on your pc/phone will then remember you.


Payment - As well as ApplePay, GooglePay & PayPal, our checkout also uses the ultra secure Shopify Payments system, ShopPay. If using ShopPay (card payment) click "remember me" you will have seamless checkout from then onwards. If you are already registered with ShopPay on any other website, your details will automatically appear.

We have a new Rewards program - ScentPoints. You can register for the rewards program here.

If you were a member of our previous ScentPoints program and you want your balance transferred, just send us a message HERE  and we can manually transfer any points balance you have.
Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers - both reward and purchased have been re-issued and will have 5 year validity from the new issue date. If you have purchased a gift voucher or had a loyalty voucher issued and have not received the new code, email us. Also check your spam folder in case it is there.
Other queries 

There will be further design changes over the next couple of weeks and there are some broken images and links we need to fix. - Lets call it a snag list which we'll progress with. And if you have suggestions, just email us - we'll reward any ideas we implement -  

If you have any other queries, just send us an email. We are a relatively small group of people, so you will be answered by a real human (we don't allow our dogs Milly or Ruby answer any more and nor do we use chatbots or outerspace aliens to answer). Our primary email address is or send us a message HERE
Thank you to everyone of you - from our initial customers who have been shopping with us online since 2007 to our newest customers who may have only discovered our store today. Our commitment to providing outstanding customer service combined with great value has never wavered and this move to the world class Shopify platform will allow us continue that commitment for many more years to come.