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10cm Smudge Stick - Spiritual Cleansing Sage

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Smudge Sticks in Spiritual Cleansing Sage  - As its name suggests, this smudging stick is for deep spiritual cleansing, helping users renew and refresh their energy.

Smudging; meaning

Smudging has been done by natives for a long time. Cave dwellers probably did it thousands of years ago. By smudging we mean "energetic cleaning" by burning certain herbs. The Indians called this "the expelling of evil spirits." Today, chasing away evil spirits is also referred to as expelling negative energy.

Your smudging ceremony: how do you proceed?

Ready for your own smudging ritual with white and royal sage? Then you can get started like this:

  • Open windows and doors
  • Place a refractory dish or shell
  • Put your smudging stick in the bowl and light it
  • Wait until you see a flame and blow it out so that the herbs smolder
  • Spread the scent around the room with a fan or spring.
  • Make sure the smoke also reaches your altar or dream catcher if you want to clean it.

Always make sure that the smudging stick is away from flammable items such as curtains. After lighting the herbs, stay close by until they burn out.

  • Goal: Cleansing
  • Scent: Woody
  • Size: 10cm