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Neutral Lamp Fragrance - 500ml bottle

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500ml Bottle - Ideal for diluting other fragrances is scent is too strong. Neutral: Neutralises odours in the air whilst remaining unfragranced. Perfect where clean air is required without a fragrance or for diluting other fragrances.

- Neutral: Neutralises odours in the air whilst remaining unfragranced. Also suitable for diluting other fragrances for a lower fragrance level

Burning Time: approximately 20 hours of use with a large lamp (20-25% longer with a small lamp)

Guidance: Fragrance lamps are an incredibly powerful way to fragrance your home, and consequently do not need to be used for extended periods of time. For the optimum balance of room fragrancing with fragrance usage, we recommend to burn your lamp for around 20-25 minutes per time (an average sized room is about 20sqm, so this equates to about 1 minute per m3). You will find that the fragrance in fact lingers in the air for several hours afterwards. Burning the lamp continuously for long periods of time will use your fragrance much faster.


Please note that Ashleigh & Burwood Premium Fragrance Lamps Fragrance should only be used with our 'Premium Fragrance Lamps'. This fragrance should not be used with any other type of burner.


Ashleigh & Burwood's Lamp Fragrance and Premium Fragrance Lamps are also known as: Catalytic Lamps, Effusion Lamps, Diffusion Lamps