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Fragrance Lamp Giftset - Twinkle Star & Festive Fizz

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Give the gift of fragrance this Christmas with this Ashleigh & Burwood Twinkle Star & Festive Fizz Catalytic Fragrance lamp Gift Set.

Like stars that dazzle in the night sky, this lamp will add spectacular sparkle to your home this Christmas.

Utilising a catalytic combustion technique, Fragrance Lamps actively purify, cleanse & perfume the air, removing bad odours, harmful bacteria & contaminants.

Uses Lamp Fragrance   

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  • Champagne
  • Grape
  • Winter Pear

Catalytic lamps were originally used in French hospitals to kill airborne bacteria. In the sixties fragrance oil was added and it has become a popular home fragrance product - both ridding the air of bacteria and adding a fabulous fragrance.
Fragrance lamps are fast and effective. They purify the air, they eliminate odours and they fill your home with fragrance.
Using a fragrance lamp is simple.
Pour fragrance into the vessel. Allow the wick to soak (about 20min for first lighting) Light the stone Blow out after 2-3 minutes Allow fragrance diffuse for 20-30 minutes which will fragrance the room for hours. Switch off by simply replacing snuffer cap