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Pearl Magnolia & Neroli 500ml Lamp Fragrance - FOM

€11,90 €16,95

The scent of pearlescent petals unfurling to create a fragrant harmony of white flowers. Catalytic Fragrance lamps kill 99% of airborne bacteria. For use with Ashleigh and Burwood Catalytic Fragrance lamps

  • Neroli
  • Magnolia
  • Tonka Bean

Ashleigh & Burwood Lamp Fragrances are made in England and contain natural ingredients. They can be purchased in a variety of scents across four different fragrance families, plus a small collection of Aromatherapy Fragrances – allowing you to scent and sanitise your air at the same time 

The correct vessel to use with Lamp Fragrance are our Fragrance Lamps – which use a catalytic combustion method to purify the air. You will only be able to smell the fragrance once this catalytic combustion method takes place.

To read more on what vessels is used with which fragrance, you can read more in our Asheligh & Burwood guide.

Our Lamp Fragrance comes in a recyclable bottle that can be recycled among other household items. The cap is unable to be recycled at present – but Ashleigh & Burwood are working on it!