Satya Dhoop Backflow Cones - White Sage

€3,50 €4,95

These white sage backflow cones are perfect for cleansing your house and meditation. White sage is known for its energizing effect and purifying properties. Meditating with the scent of white sage provides focus.

The strong, spicy scent is perfect for getting rid off unwanted odors in your home.

These are special backflow cones. That means that these cones are especially suitable for a backflow waterfall burners. They are made so that the smoke goes down instead of up. This creates the special effect of the incense waterfall.

  • You light a backflow cone at the top of an backflow burner. After lighting the cone, you blow out the flame.  The smoke will flow down beautifully through the tunnel in the cone.
  • Provide a wind free environment, otherwise the smoke cannot flow properly.
  • Because of the large amount of smoke that’s being released, the cone will burn not as long as a regular incense cone. The fragrance will linger for a long time.
  • Each Backflow cone will burn for approx.15 minutes.