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Benefits Of Using A Car Diffuser

Benefits Of Using A Car Diffuser

Benefits Of Using A Car Diffuser

We spend a lot of time in our cars between school runs, being the mam & dad taxi, trips to the gym and weekends away. On average we spend about 1 hour per day in our cars, thats 15 days per year when you really think about it. With so much driving,it's about time you upgraded - and we don't mean your car! We mean upgrade the atmosphere with fragrance! Driving is frustrating, especially with price hikes, traffic, you name it, it's time to try and make it a much nicer place to be.

Treat yourself to one of our Boles d'Olor oil car diffusers. With many benefits attached that help to boost your wellness simultaneously making your drive more enjoyable.

Turn every car journey into a joy ride with Boles d'Olor oil car diffusers.

Why you should use a car diffuser...

Deoderizing -

Cars are notorious for bad odours - between takeaway coffees, snacks on the go, dogs riding shot gun, it can get seriously smelly in there. A good car deodouriser is a must, not just something that masks the smell like generic car air fresheners. A Boles d'Olor car diffuser can let out a a steady stream of essential oil which can also offer additional benefits towards your overall wellness. 

We reccommed: Borealis Boles d'Olor Car Diffuser

For extra smelly cars we also suggest adding a matching Boles d'Olor Fragrance Spray .

Energising -

Drowsy driving is a major safety hazard. Here are some tips to reduce the risk of drowsy driving -

  • Make sure to get plenty of sleep.
  • If heading off on a long journey perhaps have a travel companion to chat with or share the driving.
  • Driving by yourself on a long journey.. Make sure to take proper breaks perhaps every 2 hours or so.
  • As the RSA promotes if feeling drowsy pull over have a cup of coffee and set your watch for 15 minutes and nap

Along with these tips, try adding some energising fragrance to your car! We reccommend citrus fragrances for your car diffuser such as Boles d'Olor White Jasmine Car Diffuser with notes of energising and refreshing Orange Blossom & Lemon Tree Leaves or Verbena Boles d'Olor Car Diffuser with notes of Rosemary, Peppermint & Lavender which help with focus!

Mood Boosting -

Staying positive & cheery behind the wheel is a greater challenge these days as I am sure you all know why. There are numerous studies that highlight the great effects of fragrance on mood-boosting effects.

A study on the effects of diffused citrus oils on the stress and mood levels of 39 clinical nurses was measured. The citrus essential oil blend contained ​​Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, Clementine and Vanilla. A questionnaire revealed that the blend significantly improved mood and lowered their stress levels. ( https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33463729/ )

Pop a little positivity into your daily commute with some of our favourite car diffusers such as:

Iris Boles d'Olor Car Diffuser with notes of tangerine, lime, Iris, white lily & spearmint

Sun Lavender Boles d'Olor Car Diffuser has a clean fragrance mix of sweet Lavender flowers, Thyme, Cypress and Sun-ripened Lemons.

Atmospheric -

Sometimes we just need a little pick me up, something pretty that smells good to jazz up our car or gift to a friend! Love the sweet, fruity scents of the Summer? Try Boles d'Olor Red Fruits Car Diffuser. Do you love deep woody scents and forest walks? Try Forest Boles d'Olor Car Diffuser. Do you love floral scents? Try Boles d'Olor Flower Shop Car Diffuser

We wish you all happy, safe & beautifully fragranced driving!

Boles d'Olor Car Diffusers consist of a Small bottle filled with essence with a wooden stopper that acts as an aroma diffuser. Thanks to its cord, specially designed to hang the product on the rear-view mirror of your vehicle, you will be able to set it for weeks with your favorite fragrance. In addition, its innovative and attractive design will give it a touch of personality and originality.

Content: 8 ml.

Duration: 6 weeks.