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Candle Hacks - Maximise Your Burn Time

Candle Hacks - Maximise Your Burn Time

Candle Hacks

Little known ways to maximise your burn time

Do you find yourself burning through candles like they’re going out of fashion? 

With the right care & placement, you can get the best life out of your favourite scents! Here at CandleWarehouse.ie, we’re passionate about helping you to maximise your this experience for as long as possible, so here our five top tips on ways that you can make your scented candles last longer!

Always Trim that wick

Trim the wick to about ½ cm each time before burning. The safest way to do this is with a wick trimmer. Long or crooked wicks can cause uneven burning, dripping or flaring. 

Keep your candle cool

Here is another foolproof method for making your candles last longer. If you’ve had your candle burning for a while, make sure you give it at least two hours to completely cool down before you light it again. This allow the wax in your canlde the proper time to re-solidify, granting it a longer life.

Another hack would be to pop your candles in the freezer for a while before their first burn, the cold temperature makes the wax harder, and it burns even slower!

Choosing the right location

Where you decide to put your candles can be crucial in how long they last. Any areas of the home that lets in drafts whether it’s an open window, a fan or a vent, all risk of allowing the flame to dance and trash about which leads to an uneven burn.

Uneven burning will also become a problem if your scented candle is placed on an irregular surface. Keep your candles on a safe flat surface. This will also help prevent uneven burning, dancing flames and excessive smoke or blackening of the jar.

Set the Timer

If you want to extend the life of your candle flame, you’ll have to commit to keeping them burning for a maximum of 4 hours each time. Wax needs time to develop a memory. You should consider one hour to be a minimum and four hours to be a maximum

If you don’t give the candle enough time to burn, it will start to tunnel. If you keep it lit for too long, however, it may lead to a build-up of hot wax, meaning it loses that beautiful fragrance.

Take it all with a pinch of salt!

This tip might be a little more more unorthodox.. if you have a candle that is nearing the end of its burn, there is a little hack that might buy it a bit more time!

Blend a sprinkle of table salt into the candles wax, you can slow down the burn in time for you to order a fresh batch of candles from CandleWarehouse! (Luckily we have speedy dispatch & delivery)


If you follow these simple tips & tricks, you should find your candles are burning much longer!

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