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How to choose the right fragrances for you when shopping online

How to choose the right fragrances for you when shopping online

How to choose the right fragrances for you when shopping online?


The very essence of a candle is it’s scent which is sadly lost in the process of buying home fragrances online. Unfortunately scratch & sniff technology is yet to be available on our computers & tablets (hurry up Apple) But, this flaw in our technology definitely does not make it impossible to choose the right candle for your home with a fragrance your olfactory senses will absolutely love.

Online shopping has increased in popularity since the beginning of the pandemic meaning it’s so much easier & quicker now to have your favourite home fragrances delivered.

We are lucky to offer the best of both worlds with our CandleWarehouse.ie Store  in Naas, Co. Kildare for those who live locally to pop in and sniff out their favourite scents but we also excel in customer service with our online website ensuring all of our home fragrance products are correctly packaged, our fragrance descriptions, product images are on point & that we share enough information & education with you all through our fragrance blog & social platforms, making it easier than ever before to not only allow you be adventurous when choosing your home fragrance but to have your home fragrances quickly & safely delivered direct to your door!

Our Top Tips For Choosing Fragrances Online:

Understand The Differences in Wax

Understanding the differences in Candle Wax is very important as different wax's burn differently and may suit different rooms/reasons to purchase.

Parrafin Wax:

Parrafin Wax is made from crude oil. When fully refined, paraffin wax is non-toxic and totally safe for home use. Candles made from this product burn bright and long, ideal for conversation spaces!

Yankee Candle Classic Jars, Wax Melts & Votives are made from paraffin wax. It is important to follow our Candle Care instructions as it your candle is not properly cared for, a paraffin wax candle will create soot.

Soy Wax:

Soy wax is a mid-range wax with a slow burn. This wax is naturally derived from soybeans, making it an eco-friendly choice for candle burning. As it is a slower burning option it can result in a candle that lasts longer than most.

Soy Wax Blend:

Soy blend candles are just that, a blend of soy wax and/or other different types of waxes/additives that can help capitalize on the benefits of two waxes or increased fragrance. Yankee Candle Elevation & WoodWick Candle are soy wax blends reaping in the benefits of the best of both worlds with strong fragrances, slower burning times and little to no soot. They would also be more eco-friendly options.


Understand Scent Descriptions

If you are going to successfully become an online candle shopping expert, it is to your benefit to become very familiar with the fragrance wheel. Fragrances come in four main categories, with subcategories and layers therein. You can learn more about the Fragrance Wheel and Fragrance Families on our blog here. By knowing the olfactory families we can create a permanent bond that we are looking for when we choose “our” fragrance.

Here are some questions to consider asking yourself before choosing a fragrance family:

Q. What kind of foods do I enjoy most? (Sweet,Spicy. Savoury...)

Q. What seasons do I enjoy most? (Spring, Summer...)

Q. Can I spot a scent on the fragrance wheel that best compliments my personality?

Q. What kind of mood am I looking to create in my home/environment? (Relaxing, Energising, Welcoming...)

Q. Is there certain fragrances I am drawn to when choosing products for personal hygiene ie. Soaps, Shampoos, Moisturisers, Perfumes?

It is also important to understand Fragrance Notes & the Fragrance Pyramid. Take the time to discover the top, middle and base notes of a fragrance. The architecture of a perfume is visually represented in the form of an olfactory pyramid. Learn more about Top, Middle & Base Notes on our Fragrance Blog here.


Read Customer Reviews

When you haven't been able to smell it yourself, trust the people who have! There is tonnes of information, reviews online from Candle enthusiasts & bloggers alike. Hit up instagram with a simple # search, check out google reviews & even youtube video reviews - the feedback is endless and will definitely help you feel at ease with your new purchase especailly when it is something you havent tried before!

You might even venture across new people to follow, and new fragrances to try out!

We have over 2000 Google Reviews that our customers wrtote for us that you can read through before comitting to a purchase!


Choose The Right Room For Your New Purchase

Where are you going to light your beautiful new candle? It is important to know if your candle suits the space you are going to put it in.

Small rooms such as bathrooms, utility rooms need cleaner and fresh scents that are not over powering - think cotton, fresh linen and light ocean scents. You might also want to consider whether a candle is the right option for the smaller space or if you should go for the same fragrance in a different fomat such as a Reed Diffuser or Wax Melt.

Larger Room & Bedrooms are where you can get a bit bolder with fragrance choice. Larger candles and a mix of candles work great in areas like this.

You can also address questions before choosing a scent for these areas such as the ones below before choosing the type of fragrance you are going to put in these areas.

Q. What is the interior like? Will the colours of the fragrance compliment it?

Q. What mood do I want to create in this space?

Q. Who uses this area? A more common area might require a more subtle scent to satisfy a larger amount of peoples scent preference

Q. Do I have children or pets? (Will a plug in or something that is spill free like Pre-Fragranced Reed Diffusers work better in this area?)

Q. How quickly do I want this space to fill with fragrance?

Q. What is the purpose of the fragrance? Are you adding scent to create a mood or are you looking to remove bad odours?  (Odour removal may require a different product for instance our Ashleigh & Burwood Lamp Fragrances & Oils are specifically or air purifying and odour removal)


Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New

When it comes to shopping online for fragrances, be bold & daring and don't be afraid to experience new scents or products. If in doubt follow our tips above, read more of our fragrance blog articles, get familiar with the fragrance pyramid and wheel.

Before comitting to larger jars and products why not test out the smaller formats? We always have wax melts and votives in stock and they are ideal for testing out new fragrances! Our bundle offers are perfect as we have them catagorised into different frargance themes ie. Fruity, Floral, Fresh Scents. Our Wax Melt and Votive Bundles can be found here.


If you’re in the market for beautiful candles and home frargances, look no further than CandleWarehouse.ie, Irelands largest home fragrance store with over 23 Years experience with Yankee Candle. We have a huge collectoin of Yankee Candle fragrances in addition to WoodWick Candle, Ashleigh & Burwood, Boles d'Olor & Bomb Cosmetics.

If you need help in choosing a specific fragrance for an occassion or just for your sitting room, feel free to contact us on social media! Or just take a read through our fragrance blog for handy tips and info.

Happy Candle Shopping!