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Scents For Small Spaces

Scents For Small Spaces

Looking for the perfect small space solution to stale air and lingering odours? Our Flameless Fragrance solutions work everywhere.

From a small home office, the car, a modest bathroom, or a mini bedroom we have the soloution for you!

The scent of your home is an incredibly important aspect of overall well-being and comfort. Your sense of smell is actually a powerful trigger for your brain and can prompt very different physical responses based on the various fragrances in your home.


Car Jars

A little Car Jar goes a long way to freshen stuffy air in a small wardrobe. Air fresheners can work wonders for keeping your clothes smelling great. Even tucking away a Yankee Candle Car Jar Air fresheners in the back of your clothes dresser or hanging it onto a hanger in your wardrobe will work by preventing mustiness, keeping it fresh and fragrant. Be mndful of your scent choice when doing this as you'll be wearing it! We think Clean Cotton, Fluffy Towels or Soft Blanket would be the ideal fragrance choices to freshen up your wardrobe!


Fragrance Spheres

Be strategic and find clever spots for Fragrance Spheres - think laundry cupboard and wardrobes. They're perfect for neutralising odours with your favourite scent. Fragrance spheres neutralise bad odour and put great Yankee fragrance in its place for up to 6 weeks.

Ideal for small bedrooms, your car & bathrooms!

Choose a Fragrance sphere in your favourite Yankee fragrance here


Reed Diffusers

Neutralise odours and refresh small spaces with a discrete design that provides 24/7 fragrance. Reed diffusers are a great way to bring a continous fragrance to any room in your home without the use of a candle light or electricity. Reed sticks which are made of a light weight wood, absorb oils as they sit in a liquid. The oil will gradually travel up the wooden stem and its fragrance is naturally dispersed into the air. Because the reeds are positioned to rest in different angles, they point the fragrance in various directions, encouraging it to travel throughout the room.

Our Favourite Reed Diffusers:

Boles d'Olor:

Boles d’Olor has become a new favourite here. We love the new style Reed Diffusers that have natural reeds which absorb and diffuse the fragrance softly and gently into the room. The new vase like bottle design has an elegance and beauty of its own becoming a decorative item wherever it is placed.

Boles d’Olor diffusers have 200ml of fragrance and will last up to 3 months and are available in refills

Yankee Candle:

A Yankee Candle Reed Diffuser is a great alternative to flameless fragrancing. Yankee 's Classic reed diffusers are perfect for adding style to any home. Complete with a  natural wood top, 12 reeds and larger 120ml of Yankee Candle fragrance oil, it will provide up to 10 weeks of fragrance.

Yankee Candle also offer another alternative with Pre-fragranced Reed Diffusers which allows you to skip the oil and just add the reeds for a long-lasting fragrance experience. Ideal for homes with children or animals where there might be a chance of spillage!


Room Sprays

The Boles d'Olor Black Edition home perfume collection is characterized by unstoppable aromas that spread throughout the rooms, providing a touch of style in each home. A modern solution to express your personality through distinctive ambient perfumes and live an authentic fragrant experience. Just 2 or 3 sprays of Boles d'Olor Room Sprays will fragrance a space for hours.

The easiest and fastest way to perfume your home. Our natural air freshener, with a highly concentrated fragrance, can be used in any room in the home to create a cozy atmosphere. Thanks to its convenient spray, it is very easy to regulate its diffusion to guarantee a pleasant fragrance with a long-lasting effect. Available in a wide variety of scents. Ideal to perfume all the rooms of your home, as well as flower arrangements, pot pourris, etc ...


Our Flameless Fragrance range works everywhere! Explore more of our Flameless Fragrance soloutions here

What are your small space scent soloutions? If you found this blog helpful or have your own small space fragrance soloutions be sure to tag us in them on social media!