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Scents of the Seasons – What is your fragrance personality?

Scents of the Seasons – What is your fragrance personality?


Scents of the Seasons – What is your fragrance personality

As the seasons change, we tend to change our fragrance tastes to match. For example this Autumn Yankee Candle released The Woodland Road Trip collection filled with earthy, woody and sweet fragrance notes to transition us into the colder months. And as we can see from the new 2022 Yankee Candle Spring collection that is coming we know they’re going to wow us with soft, floral and oriental scents from the Sakura Blossom Festival Collection.

Fragrance choice says so much about your personality from the perfume we choose to wear to the scent we choose to welcome guests into our home and in order to choose a fragrance according to the seasons, it can be interesting to start with identifying your favourite season and realizing why you like it more than the others. This provides very interesting information about you, your personality and taste in home fragrances!

Use our quiz below to find out your season based on your personality type! Make a hot cup of coffee or tea, get comfy and take note on your phone or writing it down of whether you are mostly A's, B's, C's or D's and discover your season and our top fragrance picks to suit your personality!


How do your friends describe you?

A. Friendly, adventurous, outdoorsy, have your own authentic style, calm in nature

B. Femenine, Reserved, maternal, elegant, modest, deep inner strength, modest & happy

C. Lively, sparkling personality, optimistic charm, energetic and sporty

D. A foodie, coffee lover, fiery personality, unforgettable first impression, comic, warm heart, trendy, tactile, extroverted and theatrical


What scents are you drawn to the most?

A. The woods, the mosses, the smell of mushrooms, the smell of green grass, and the smell of fire in the chimney.

B. The smell of baby powder, delicate and powdery flowers (such as iris, violet, mimosa and peony)

C. Fragrances inspired by nature, quite figurative with aromas of fresh flowers, cut grass, watery fruit, citrus, aromatic herbs, as well as green and vegetal notes.

D. Gourmet scents, heady white flowers, oriental notes and also appreciate intense smoky and woody notes


Which colours attract you most?

A All shades of the earths colours, golden and copper tones

B Pastel tones, shades of blue, pale pink, beige, pale green.

C Coral, orange, apricot, bright pink, canary yellow and raw green.

D White, black, grey or neutral tones as well as deep red and blue.


Favourite beverage?

A Coffee, sliced flavours, as well as singular teas such as Chai or smoked tea; whisky, cognac; in general, red wine

B Orange blossom teas with jasmine or green teas; fresh fruit juices; champagne and gin cocktails and Mojito's in the evening

C  Fresh fruit juices, lemonades, and sparkling water with a twist of lemon, Prefer tea over coffee

D Cappuccinos, hot chocolates, trendy cocktails, and prosecco.


Which fabrics do you love the most?

A Wool, leather, cotton and linen.

B Silk, taffeta, lace, cashmere

C Light, airy, natural, cotton, linen

D Cashmere, Silk, Wool, Fur


Favourite outdoor activity?

A Nature walks, hikes, mountains, visiting botanical gardens

B Beaches, Strolling through cities and romantic picnics

C Picnics, Bike rides, Gardening

D Prefer visits to the countryside over cities


Go-to weekend activity?

A Fire on, wooly socks and cosied up with a book

B A walk on the beach

C A picnic or trip to the park with friends and family

D Shopping!


What are your favourite flavours?

A Savoury, Spicy & Saucy!

B Light meals, salads, refined and elegant dishes, fish rather than meat; and light desserts.

C Fresh and healthy, Vegan or Vegetarian

D A high appreciation for cakes, sweets, and chocolate

Mostly A’s

You are Autumn!

A calm and authentic personality - Autumn personalities are externally motivated and perceived to be busy people. They are typically fiery, full of passion, integrity and drive, and often with a cause! They have flamboyant outgoing personalities and are often fun to be around! They are big lovers of nature and you’ll see this reflected in their home & fragrance choices!

Personalities associated with autumn are especially attracted by the following fragrances: 

Chypre scents with the scent of woody moss, They might enjoy wearing men's woody scents, Middle Eastern scents, like oud wood, or other woody, leathery, or spicy scents and with very light hints of sweetness.

Our Top Fragrance Picks For You & Notes to look out for:

Yankee Candle Woodland Road Trip

Wood Wick Candle Wood Smoke

Mostly B’s

You are Spring!

The Spring Personality is full of sparkling optimism and youthful energy. Like the first signs of spring they love newness, and have a very positive outlook. As people, Spring personalities are bubbly friendly and fabulous hosts, wildly social and fun to be around.

It will attract a certain type of personality, which can be associated with the "Freshness" & floral category!

Our Top Fragrance Picks For You & Notes to look out for:

Camellia Blossom

Coming Spring 2022 – Sakura Blossom Festival

Mostly C’s

You are Summer!

Graceful, elegant, organised and efficient the Summer personality is more reserved in character but all the more thoughtful and intuitive for it. Wonderful in a caring role, excellent with detail and highly creative, the Summer personality feels a strong sense of responsibility and will never let you down.

Our Top Fragrance Picks For You & Notes to look out for:

Beach Escape

Pink Sands

Mostly D’s

You are Winter!

Seen as strong, self-assured and aloof, these people are in fact shy and prefer the peace of their own company. They are often very efficient and precise in everything they do. They have good career minds, are loyal and reliable in a crisis, being good organisers and leaders. You have a sweet tooth, shopping, keeping up with the trends.

Our Top Fragrance Picks For You & Notes to look out for:

Deep, sensual, oriental notes so you might like..

WoodWick Candle Oudwood

WoodWick Candle Amber & Incense