Goloka 10ml Fragrance Oil - Peruvian Palo Santo

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Peruvian Palo Santo Goloka Essential Oil has a sweet aroma and Palo Santo sticks are often using for smudging and purification rituals to dispel negative energy.

This fragrance is designed to inspire creativity and bring love and good fortune.

Package includes dropper.


Fill the aroma burner with water and add about 5 drops of the fragrance oil. Light the tea light and place it under the aroma holder. Once the water is heated and evaporated, the aromatic odour will rise.

Essential oils are powerful scented oils that release a pleasant scent through heating and enhance your environmental experience. With these fragrance oils you create a pleasant experience.
The more senses you stimulate, the more intuitively the experience of the moment is experienced.

These are specially intended for use in an aroma burner and not as massage oils.