Satya Dhoop Backflow Cones - Palo Santo

€3,50 €4,95

Palo Santo is a typical woody scent. The wood used to be used by the Incas to dispel bad spirits. Today, holy wood is known worldwide for its scent and its mood-promoting effect.

The scent is sweet, and has a soft pleasant acid undertone. 


These are special backflow cones. That means that these cones are especially suitable for a backflow waterfall burners. They are made so that the smoke goes down instead of up. This creates the special effect of the incense waterfall.

  • You light a backflow cone at the top of an backflow burner. After lighting the cone, you blow out the flame.  The smoke will flow down beautifully through the tunnel in the cone.
  • Provide a wind free environment, otherwise the smoke cannot flow properly.
  • Because of the large amount of smoke that’s being released, the cone will burn not as long as a regular incense cone. The fragrance will linger for a long time.
  • Each Backflow cone will burn for approx.15 minutes.